Conducting Business With Class

Welcome to the A .DEAN ENTERPRISES Website please take time to learn about our up and coming customer friendly business.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide innovative cutting edge Technology  Solutions, Infrastructure Design / Implementation, Project Management, Seamless System Integration, Unique Special Projects and Professional Consultant Services with an old fashioned customer first and friendly approach.

Our Methodology:

Establish an open and respected relationship with our customers in order for them to impart trusted information about their infrastructure and business practices. This information will help define areas where our expertise, products and services will be useful (this will be accomplished by demonstrating a comfortable knowledge of our products/services and our customers overall infrastructure and business practices, budget concerns, and just being there when our customers need assistance or information).

Once we have established a relationship and trust for our products and services, we will research how the implementation of our products and services will best assist and fit our customers needs, business practices, infrastructure and budget concerns.  We will create a design and plan for presentation to our customers (a team effort between the sales staff and engineering support will be used to formulate the design, presentation and price quote to be presented to the customer).

Sales and engineering support will present the design to our customers, with their full trust and confidence from  previous dealings with us, or the knowledge we have shown understanding our customers needs. Together, based on our design, logistics, budget concerns, understanding and hard earned relationship, we will be confident that A. DEAN ENTERPRISES can assist our customers in fulfilling their needs

A. DEAN ENTERPRISES understands that initial implementation is just the beginning.  We intend to follow up with pristine and attentive customer service to the needs and changes in business practices of our customers (we will be intuitive),  this will help us retain our customers trust, respect, loyalty, and securing an open avenue to do future business for years to come.  Relationship is key.

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